What’s Happening

There will be a $10 donation to attend and 100% of ALL door proceeds, raffles, donation any form of donation that Bahres Cure Cancer Concerts receives will be donated to the A.C.S.

Music Speaks: A Benefit Concert to benefit Autism Speaks

To makes donations for anyone not attending, you can go to this link:
Facebook event page:
The event will be held at the Social in downtown Orlando.

Album cover


Top Artists of 2011

MindFlow       Message to Venus                    

Mindflow               Message to Venus               Fuse                   Madsic         Judy Tribune


Project Dirty             Art of Dying             Ekotren          Irreverence               Floral Terrace

Top Ten Tracks For 2011 on XR VOLUME

1. Message to venus- “Universal You”

2.Mindflow – “Break Me Out”

3. Madsic -“Distance Of Hate”

4. Project Dirty- “Rollercoaster”

5.Art Of Dying – “Die Trying”

6.IRREVERENCE -” Not One Of Them”

6.Five Times August – “Better With You

7. This Love– “Alive”

8. Stephenson Rd – “Simple Life”

9. Nick Flavell “Lift Me Up”

10.Avian Sunrise – “Sweet Release”

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Red Raider Jam II


The Red Raider Jam is a seven hour musical event that includes several acts, food, door prizes and
memorabilia offered to raise funds to help the band. It is being produced and hosted by Small Barn
Sound Studios of Hillsboro, TN. The event is scheduled to take place at the Rotary Amphitheater in
Manchester on 27 August 2011.

Event Details:
Date: Saturday 27 August 2011
Time: 3:30 pm till 10 pm
Venue: Rotary Amphitheater 557 N Woodland St, Manchester, TN
3:30 Commencement / Amarulence
4:00 Ryan Gibson
4:25 The Red Raider Band
4:45 The Brian Hester Group
5:20 Stephenson Rd
5:55 Uncle Don Clark
6:40 Zach D White and Friends
7:30 Masquarade
8:30 The Repeat Offenders
  1. August 24, 2011 at 3:08 am

    You are fantastic friends of all things musical, and the Red Raiders appreciate your support!

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