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Concert Review 

 All Time Low

February 16th 2011

Review and photos by: Petra van der Toorn , XR Volume Correspondent


My day started as a normal school day, but after I finished school I cycled home, did the last stuff I had to do and went out to the concert. My bus was 10 minutes too late which was annoying, but after that I took the train and when I was in Amsterdam I took the tram which ended in the Leidseplein a square next to the Melkweg, the concert building. I coincided the long row and waited until Renée a friend of mine came to join me with the concert. After a while and after I had some McDonald’s food she was there and it was really fun already!


We waited for like 1 1/2 hours to get in and then we hung up our jackets and bags, and bought a hoodie from All Time Low. We missed the first band on the program so I don’t know if they were good, but I heard they sucked. The second for the program was Young Guns and they rocked, really! Renée and I were already in the middle of the crowd during Young Guns and there was already a good mood, with an enthusiastic crowd and mosh pits.


When the Young Guns were done we had to wait half an hour because they had to set things up, during that Renée and I got really close to the stage. About 2 meters of people were standing in front of us, which meant we were really close. When All Time Low started everyone became really happy and after the first song it was amazing already.


Jack and Alex made nice jokes and talked and had contact with the public very much. They played the new song ‘Time Bomb’ from their new album Dirty Work which isn’t released yet. The song rocked. When the concert was finished we were exhausted but happy. We met amazing people. We had to wait very long to get outside but it didn’t bother us. 



Rian got sick after the show so they had to get back to their hotel so we couldn’t meet them which was a pity. Well I said goodbye to Renée and went back home. The concert was really amazing and there were amazing people. All Time Low played very well and were nice. 

So everything together, it was the best day of my life and I can’t wait until the next concert! 

Review and photos by: Petra van der Toorn

XR Volume Correspondent

(From Left: Petra van der Toorn, and friend Renée at the All Time Low concert.)









  Eve to Adam




Stage presence

Very good. Obvious they have been performing together for awhile. They all seemed very comfortable, even seeing as how it was a trailer stage and was still attached to the bus.

Audio quality

 Very good, no problems. Also, i was fascinated by the guy running the lightboard, because he was right in the middle of the parking lot…i wanted to try it out!

Song selection

Actually very listenable…nothing i knew of course, but i could picture several of their songs on the radio.

Vocal quality

Good. A bit of a screamer, but good. Bass guy and guitarist did occasional back up, which was mediocre at best,but overall good.


Very good. again, it seemed like they had experience. It always shows.

Performance skills


Audience interaction

Pretty good. Lead guy kept talking to the audience and trying to bring them closer, and it actually worked.

Grade of execution

8 of 10.  Always room for improvement, but they were really good, and i stayed for the whole show, which is saying something.

Overall performance

Good. They deserved a bigger audience. They could easily play house of blues.


Also, they were dressed very appropriately – black shirts, jeans – which is always nice to see. the lead guy took his shirt off about half way through.


XR Volume would like to thank Eve to Adam for the opportunity to see
them perform live.
Text Copyright 2010 XR Volume








Falling for Sarah


House Of Blues Orlando

March 5, 2010

Orlando, Florida


Stage presence 

 The guitarist knew how to work the stage, and he looked very
excited up there and didn’t mind trying to get the crowd riled up. Frontman
looked comfortable on stage as well, moved around but not enough to be
distracting. They looked very happy to be there.
Music quality

  Easy to listen to, and not hard to get into the beat. Great song
lyrics. They started off with an uptempt song, kept it mostly upbeat, threw in a
slow one for a breather, then ended on a high note. 
Vocal quality

Decent when the frontman hit the tough higher notes, and their
harmonies were nice. Bassist had a good voice.


 It was very appropriate to genre and appeared in a professional manner. They wore jeans, tee
shirts, and some with 3/4 sleeve button down shirts. Signs on the stage with the
band name were unusual but appreciated.

Band chemistry 

 Interacted well with each other. Outstanding.
Performance skills

  As they gain more experience, I expect them to become a
major player in the music scene.
Audience interaction 

 It was very hard being the first band out but they really
tried to get the crowd excited, and succeeded with their good effort.
Song transition

 Fluid and transitory, as it should be. Spoke between songs to
help draw the crowd in.
 Final Comments

 Out of five bands performing they were one of the best of
the night. Everybody liked them and the crowd really got into their music. I see
this band going very far in the music industry, and I enjoyed their set


XR Volume would like to thank Falling For Sarah for the opportunity to see
them perform live.
Text Copyright 2010 XR Volume

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